Additive & 3D Manufacturing Technologies Association of Spain

ADDIMAT returns to Formnext promoting a collective stand with companies of the sector

ADDILAN, IBARMIA, IK4-CEIT, IK4-LORTEK and FAGOR AUTOMATION will share a stand with the sector association ADDIMAT...

Voladd, the first Fully Integrated 3D Printer in the world succeeds in Kickstarter

Voladd democratizes the benefits of 3D printing in the everyday lives of people with its unique proposal and its ease of use...

What is additive manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing refers to a series of processes that permit building an object by selectively adding layer-upon-layer of material based on a digital model.

The difference between traditional manufacturing methods and additive manufacturing is that in the latter process, the material is added instead of being eliminated.

Additive Manufacturing processes