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Asociación de fabricación aditiva

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24 March, 2023

The collaboration between María Lafuente and Pixel Sistemas, a business that specialises in PLM Software products and additive manufacturing machines for the industrial sector, began in 2022 thanks to the steps taken by Stratasys when it set its sights on polyjet technology and launched the J850 TechStyle, the world's first system designed specifically for printing directly on textiles such as cotton, linen, polyester, denim, tulle or leather. The first results of this collaboration are INEFABLE, the 2023/24 Autumn/Winter collection by the León-born designer, which features organic, draping and architectural patterns with materials such as tencel, tulle, sequins and TIRE-X lace and tyres. The colours, pink, aubergine, nude, peach, turquoise green, purple, grey, navy blue and black create a chromatic scale in harmony with nature. And all with overprinting and accessories manufacturing using 3D technology.

The collection was presented at the headquarters of the Spanish Olympic Committee on 15 February within the official Mercedes-Benz Madrid Fashion Week programme with over 400 guests present, including many top figures from fashion institutions and the world of haute couture, as well as from the world of culture and sport. Actress and model Yolanda Font and deaf-blind model Mireia Mendoza were some of the well-known faces lending their uniqueness to the line-up, which was elevated to the category of art by the on-stage presence of dancers from the Castilla y León Youth Orchestra, wearing costumes created by Maria Lafuente as they premièred their choreography entitled ‘Miradas en Blanco’. This piece embodies a condemnation of gender-based violence as it brings together music, dance and fashion to create beauty and harmony.

About 3D Fashion technology

3DFashion is a 3D printing technology developed by Stratasys which allows for full-colour printing directly on the fabric, creating incredible designs and fantastic optical illusion effects on garments, shoes and accessories. 3D Fashion technology prints with perfect adherence on different types of fabric, allowing the materials to be washed without damaging the 'creation’ in any way.  Furthermore, the J850 adapted with the 3DFashion technology holds certifications validating adhesion on materials such as linen, cotton and polyester.

About Pixel Sistemas

Pixel Sistemas has an extensive 25 years of experience offering high-value technical solutions in the areas of PLM software and Additive Manufacturing. The highly qualified team of professionals works hand in hand with the client, offering them the technology to transform their processes. Pixel Sistemas has over 1,500 clients from a wide range of sectors (machinery, consumer goods, automotive industry, railway, energy, aeronautics, medical, educational, etc.).

About María Lafuente

María Lafuente is a benchmark in sustainable fashion on an international level. Her collections are the outcome of a dialogue with nature and they aim to innovate to protect the environment. She shines a light on the urgent need to create, produce and consume consciously and responsibly. She has received awards from several parts of the world, in addition to having the honour of being the first designer to speak and showcase their work at the most esteemed International Forum of the UN (FPAN), with the first certified PEFC collection made from sustainable fabrics.




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