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25 May, 2017

The Zortrax M300 3D printer is based on the previously proven M200 model and win a lot of awards throughout the EEC, and offers users a much larger workspace and completely new capabilities for prototypes fabrication. The effective working area of the system is 300x300x300mm, one of the largest in the range of desktop 3d printers. For example, enough space to print a motorcycle helmet. Having this capability simplifies the work of users avoiding the assembly and gluing of parts manufactured with smaller 3D printers.

In addition to the above, the Zortrax M300 includes several improvements. The material cartridges have up to 2kg to work longer without interruptions and also tell the user the material left in them. The M300 comes with panels to avoid problems due to sudden temperature changes, drafts, etc. The resolution of the 3D printer is 90 microns and can work with several very interesting materials:

Z-HIPS: a material specially designed to print larger models with a regular structure. The finish of this material guarantees a smooth and uniform surface.
Z- GLASS: a semi-transparent material designed for the creation of prototypes of products intended to be made of glass or transparent plastic
Z_PETG: a material that is resistant to all kinds of salts, acids and alkalis. This material allows the building of resistant mechanical prototypes that may be exposed to the adverse effects of these chemicals.
Z- ESD: a new material for industrial applications with electrostatic protection.

This new material covers the need for the electronic components market that needed a material that would protect its electrostatic discharge components. Z-ESD provides this protection by maintaining resistivity in a range of 104 to 109 ohms. Designed especially for electronics prototypes but also to make tools that need this protection.

In addition this new material has very low contraction, facilitating the manufacture of large pieces. It is also resistant to acids, salts and alkalis so it can be used in environments exposed to these substances.

You can see the Zortrax M300 3D printer working and all the materials at the next ADDIT3D fair from 6th to 8th June at the Bilbao BEC. Stand 5 / A49.





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