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Asociación de fabricación aditiva

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24 May, 2016

In barely three years of activity, Tumaker has become one of the protagonists of the integration of 3D printing in both S.M.E.s and big size companies. All this is due to the development of the Tumaker's own technology that has been fabricated in the Basque Country and that, combined with an excellent escort service with the objective of improving processes and utility in general while ensuring quick return of investment. As one of Tumaker's mantra indicates: ''we sell benefits featured by 3D printing appearance for companies''.

A sample of the dynamic and innovative character of Tumaker is the latest range of products that will be presented at the BIEMH 2016 event and that is already generating great expectation. Tumaker's new 3D printing stations maintain the successful ''all-in-one philosophy'' that has been applied from the beginning of the company's activity. Such philosophy is oriented towards professionals that cherish their time and that require quality tools in order to create things of quality and want to achieve this goal in a productive manner. A 3D printer with a computer, fabrication software and advanced simulator included. All integrated, configured and connectable to the net, so as to make the process easier, simpler, and without complications. Affordable and additive technology that ensures productivity. Moreover, Tumaker's new stations also bring additional changes such as Dart Flux's disposable-head technology, with which fabrication process remains as efficient as in its first day of action. Japanese THK technology guarantees thousands of kilometers of precise and fluent movement without need for lubrication. Interchangeable mouthpieces with diverse diameters to carry out fabrication strategies depending on the object's functionality, or the new strong Tumaker E-MAXX extruders that allow hours of reliable fabrication.

But, however, it is possible the most outstanding novelty is the fact that this technology may be found in Tumaker's latest big-format 3D printing station: Tumaker Bigfoot. This consists of a station that serves for additive fabrication with which big-size geometrical shapes. Tumaker will present at the BIEMH event three different models of big-size 3D printing stations that share a printing area in X and Y of 500 millimeters. The difference between the three models is their capacity of fabrication in axis Z or the height. Being in the first model of 200 millimeters, in the second of 350 millimeters, and in the third of 500 millimeters. All this is has been optimized in order to facilitate its integration in any type of environment such as offices, industrial plants, educative terrain, etc. 




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