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18 October, 2023

The United States Department of Defense has awarded the unique and patented metal 3D printing technology of the Spanish company Meltio, which represents recognition as a "strategic technological partner" in the current and future development plans of the United States in the military and security sector. This is the first time a Spanish company has received this award in the field of additive manufacturing, which allows for the printing and repair of parts using 3D printing, addressing potential logistical challenges and providing manufacturing autonomy while improving supply chains for parts in the defense sector.

This award solidifies Meltio's relationship with the United States Army and increases its potential to collaborate with other departments of the country in defense matters, as well as with the militaries of other nations.

Meltio's goal is to become a technological leader in metal 3D printing technology, specifically in the field of wire arc additive manufacturing, known in English as DED (directed energy deposition) for layer-by-layer creation of metal parts using laser-based melting.

Ángel Llavero López de Villalta, CEO of Meltio, stated, "The award we have received from xTechInternational is recognition of the professionals at Meltio and lends credibility to our technology. For us, the military sector is an arena where we can apply all the applications of our disruptive metal 3D printing technology. This presents an opportunity for Meltio to develop a dual application for both civil and military sectors. Our technology has the potential to transform various industries through metal additive manufacturing, such as supply chains, logistics, part repair, and metal part manufacturing in comparison to conventional methods like forging and machining. Currently, many other countries' militaries are equipped with Meltio's metal additive manufacturing technology, and we aim to stand out as a strategic technological partner for the military sector, both in the United States and Spain."

The United States Department of Defense has acknowledged the Meltio and Phillips Corporation system:

"This technology has a very strong capacity for manufacturing and producing nearly net shape parts. It offers a valuable approach that uses standard welding wire already available in United States Department of Defense manufacturing environments. A wire coil can be converted into nearly net shape for any part, thus avoiding the need for large inventories of raw shapes/sizes."

The jury adds, "The 3D printing technology approach based on welding wire is clean and does not create mess or concerns associated with powder-based additive manufacturing processes. The solution proposed by Meltio and Phillips Corporation is acceptable for the advantages mentioned above, but it would be even better at higher deposition speeds, possibly with larger wires and higher-powered lasers."

xTechInternational Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Award

Meltio, in collaboration with its U.S. distributor, Phillips Corporation, has received the prestigious recognition from the United States Army, the xTechInternational Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Award. This award brings together a forum of international companies and academic institutions, with the participation of over 300 technology companies from various countries.

The objective of the award is to engage the best technology players worldwide, particularly in the 3D printing sector, to provide their solutions to the U.S. Department of Defense and contribute to the development of their Defense program. This year's thematic area was Advanced Manufacturing and Materials.

This award solidifies Meltio as a reliable strategic and technological partner in the defense sector, not only in the United States but also in Spain and the rest of the world. It positions Meltio's unique and disruptive metal additive manufacturing technology, developed in their factory in Linares (Jaén), which exports to over 60 countries and employs over a hundred professionals of 14 different nationalities, as a technological and strategic player in this sector. Notably, it is the first time there is robust, reliable, user-friendly technology with excellent mechanical properties that can be used in operational zones or remote areas for on-demand metal part manufacturing or repair.

Meltio's 3D printing technology offers the security and defense sector the ability to manufacture and repair metal parts in stainless steel, titanium, nickel, inconel, and other metallic materials using a patented and unique head that can be integrated into a metal 3D printer - Meltio M450 - a computerized numerical control (CNC) milling machine, and a robotic arm for larger parts. Meltio's solutions also provide manufacturing and part repair autonomy and the ability to operate in any situation requiring defense sector support, addressing any supply chain issues that the military may encounter.

US Navy Installs Meltio Technology Aboard the USS Bataan

Meltio and its U.S. distributor, Phillips Corporation, have collaborated to install a metal 3D printing solution for on-board spare part manufacturing and repairs on a U.S. Navy ship for the first time. The Phillips Additive Hybrid, powered by Haas, adopted Meltio's laser-based metal deposition technology, and both companies worked on the integration with Haas's world-renowned CNC vertical machining centers on board the USS Bataan ship.

This new project represents a significant step toward demonstrating industrially useful applications in the naval sector thanks to the accessible wire and laser-based metal 3D printing technology developed by Meltio. The equipment, installed as part of a joint effort between the Commander of the Naval Surface Force Atlantic and the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Office of Maritime Systems Technology, includes the Phillips Additive Hybrid system, which integrates Meltio's wire-based laser metal deposition head into a computer numerical control (CNC) Haas TM-1 milling machine.

The Haas TM-1 platform has demonstrated its reliability aboard several aircraft carriers. The integration of Meltio's deposition head with the Haas TM-1 provides both additive and subtractive manufacturing capabilities within the same system, increasing efficiency and reducing waste compared to typical machining methods.

Ángel Llavero López de Villalta, CEO of Meltio, commented, "For us, the fact that the U.S. Navy has incorporated Meltio's wire-laser metal 3D printing solution and Haas hybrid equipment, thanks to Phillips Corporation, on board the U.S. Navy ship for manufacturing spare parts and repairs, is the result of years of effort and a vision we've had at Meltio. We want to thank Phillips Corporation for their support in developing these hybrid systems under the Haas brand, which confirms a technology with vast industrial applications in the naval and marine sector, defense, and all those industrial sectors where manufacturing parts on-demand is essential. We are confident that this is just the first step on a long path we will take in this industrial sector, both in the navy and in other applications. Most importantly, this partnership with the military sector allows us to develop and certify many industrial applications, which will later find use in the civilian sector."




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