Asociación de fabricación aditiva
Asociación de fabricación aditiva

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27 May, 2020

In order to continue its work of publicizing additive manufacturing technologies, ADDIMAT held on May 7 the first webinar organized by the association. The webinar featured our associates TECNALIA, SAMYLABS, IMH AND PIXEL SISTEMAS, and managed to attract the attention of more than 200 people who connected live. In the Webinar the main Technologies of Metallic Additive Manufacturing were discussed, explaining the physical foundations of the processes, the available materials and their possible uses. You can access the webinar through this link:

Addimat is working on the organization of new webinars that we will be announced shortly and that will cover aspects such as design for 3D printing, industrialization and implementation of technologies and sector success stories, among others. The webinars are part of the series of webinars organized by AFM Cluster to disseminate and publicize issues of interest to all advanced and digital manufacturing companies.

Another novelty that we present this month is the new section on Addimat’s website in which we include success stories from our associated companies. The aim is to disclose examples of parts that have demonstrated technical and economic viability when manufactured using 3D printing processes. You can see these contents and subscribe to the Addimat success stories bulletin through the following link:




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