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Asociación de fabricación aditiva

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30 May, 2019

SamyLabs will attend the Addit3D fair (Stand 5/N-04) to launch its new, fully industrial ALBA300 machine. The main advantage of the new model is that is has its own technology. It has control firmware, 3D mechanical design, a laser control system developed fully within the company. In addition, its own software for hot rolling means the client can alter different settings of the printing process on the spot.

Tidy in its design and with house power supply, the new machine from SamyLabs is intended to work in an industrial as well as in an office environment. Visitors to the fair will have the opportunity to see first-hand all the possibilities offered by this technology.

SLM (Selective Laser Melting or Selective Laser Sintering) technology allows for the creation of complex small-scale pieces by adding metallic powder fused with a laser. The main advantage of 3D printing in metal using laser is that it allows making end pieces with excellent mechanical properties. Another benefit of this technology is its capacity for making high precision (<10 um) pieces in a large range of materials like steel alloys, Inconel (chrome - nickel), cobalt and stainless steel.

SLM 3D printing in metal is becoming the chosen manufacturing process in fields like the medical, dental and prosthetic sectors. In fact, medical and dental prosthetic laboratories are the largest buyers of this technology and this technique has completely revolutionised their way of working.

In the industrial sector, it is being used to produce moulds in a very short time or to create replacement parts no longer in stock.

The possibility to make extremely precise pieces in a large array of materials makes this technology highly interesting for strategic sectors like the automotive and aeronautics industries.

Sectors like jewellery and model building are also quickly adapting to new additive manufacturing technologies and taking full advantage of their benefits.

In addition, their collaboration with ONA Electroerosión has been fundamental precisely for launching a commercial 3D printing machine on the market. Its choice of an industrial partner like ONA, with its vast experience in manufacture and marketing, allows SamyLabs to focus exclusively on technological development.




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