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23 April, 2018

After 11 successful shows, Renishaw, a pioneer in precision and innovation engineering in Industry 4.0, will consolidate its presence again at the BIEHM and Addit3D shows this year. Both shows will be held at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre from 28th May to 1st June bringing together thousands of companies in the industrial sector.

This year Renishaw will have two booths, where it will showcase its innovations and technical expertise in metrology and additive manufacturing.
At Booth C41 in Hall 3, this leading company will display its new gauging system Equator™ 500, designed to achieve a high accuracy at scanning speeds greater than 200 mm/s, as well as ease of use in automated applications. At the same time, Renishaw will conduct several demonstrations of the REVO-2 measuring system with 5 axis movements to minimise the dynamic errors of co-ordinate measuring machines (CMM), reduce measurement times.

BIEHM attendees will be able to see first-hand the XL-80 laser interferometer, the XR20-W rotary axis calibrator, the QC20-W ballbar and the new XM-60, a laser system capable of measuring 6 degrees of freedom along a linear axis from a single set-up. These calibration equipment will improve the maintenance of machines and facilitate the diagnostics from a single reading.

Renishaw probes deliver significant cost savings and time improvements. Renishaw provides different solutions for tool setting, as well as spindle-mounted touch trigger and scanning probes. One of them, SPRINT™, quickly detects defects that could go unnoticed by some systems. These products aim to reduce scrap and expand the capacity for work and production.
Renishaw will exhibit its new position encoders, such as the EVOLUTE™, which allows not only resolutions down to 50nm and an SDE of ±150nm, but also greater immunity to dirt for applications that demand high operational integrity.

Located booth B25 on Hall 4 at Addit3D, Renishaw will show technology for 3D metal printing with two of its machines. The AM 400 allows complex components to be printed using different metallic materials. I t is an ideal tool for companies and R&D centres that need the flexibility in the use of materials, the ability to adapt or develop working parameters and all combined with the power of the 400 W laser. Renishaw will also present the new RenAM 500M, it has a high level of automation and recycling of the powder, reducing the manipulation of materials by technicians, a more intuitive interface and a patented SafeChange™ double filter system, which allow large manufacturing runs in an industrial environment.

Iñigo Bereterbide, Product Manager for the Additive Manufacturing Division, will hold a presentation "Additive Manufacturing: Control of the process in a 4.0 environment" on 1st June.

In addition, there will be an area on the booth dedicated to Robotic Neurosurgery, to treat diseases such as Parkinson's or epilepsy.

With the growing changes and the high demand for automation and innovation in manufacturing and metrology, Renishaw aims to encourage productivity and lower costs in the different production sectors by offering quality solutions with high technology.




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