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23 February, 2017

PRINTED DREAMS, a professional 3D printing company has begun selling machines from DWS systems, an Italian manufacturer. Printed Dreams excels at additive manufacturing with bases in both Madrid and Murcia and focuses in industry, jewellery and orthodontics. While DWS systems has more than twenty years experience in the creation of SLA machines for 3D printing, they are also particularly noted for the velocity and accuracy of their models. 

Printed Dreams sells the main three branches of machines that DWS manufacturers, namely in jewellery, dentistry and industry. Furthermore, the desktop machine XFAB is also available. Each branch of machines has an array of different models that can meet every customer request. These can include build area, printing velocity and a huge variety of resins that allow customers to produce models for jewellery casting, ceramic models, rubber moulds, UE certified bio resins for the dental industry and a wide range of materials for engineering purposes. With these facilities and industry experience, Printed Dreams aims to improve the jewellery and dental sectors in Spain, as well as cement their position in the industrial sector. 

You can find out more information at DWS machines here or by writing directly to Printed Dreams at the following email address:




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