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Asociación de fabricación aditiva

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30 November, 2023Museum Cemento Rezola and Heidelberg Materials inaugurate the exhibition '3D PRINTING: Design, Manufacture, Build,' sponsored by the Basque Government and the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, which brings visitors a diverse array of objects produced through this additive technique. 3D printing opens up a world of possibilities where sustainability, speed, flexibility, and economy take center stage.

The exhibition, open to the public until April 28, 2024, showcases an interesting and attractive variety of applications for industries such as automotive, aerospace, medicine, and architecture or design. Additionally, visitors will learn about what 3D printing is, how it works, and the characteristics and advantages of this technique.

The exhibition features 50 pieces printed with PLA, steel, or titanium filaments, as well as prototypes of buildings printed in soil or cement, including the largest 3D-printed building in Europe. Through these objects, attendees can discover how this technology is transforming our daily lives. The opening ceremony was presided over by José María Echarri, Honorary President and spokesperson for Heidelberg Materials, and Rafael Pascual, Director of the Añorga factory of Heidelberg Materials and Museum Cemento Rezola.

With the support of texts, videos, and a printer, the exhibition '3D PRINTING: Design, Manufacture, Build' invites us to discover, in a very didactic manner, the versatility and potential of 3D printing, which is manifested in personalized 3D organs, 3D neurosurgery prosthetics and biomodels, 3D aerospace components, 3D-printed houses, 3D furniture, 3D design and jewelry, recreations of archaeological and artistic pieces in 3D, etc. The exhibition reveals a technology that has changed the way we produce.

Collaborating in the exhibition are the Higher Technical School of Architecture of San Sebastián (UPV/EHU), OPTIMUS 3D, 3D STOA, MRLASPIUR, Arquimaña, Javi Sánchez, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), Goierri Eskola, and Heidelberg Materials.

The exhibition '3D PRINTING: Design, Manufacture, Build' is part of the Mugak/International Biennial of Architecture of the Basque Country program. The exhibition can be visited until April 28, 2024, at the Museum Cemento Rezola.




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