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Asociación de fabricación aditiva

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16 April, 2020

MSC Software launches its new e-book on Additive Manufacturing features the latest in the industry as well as trends, case studies, and applications for simulation in additive manufacturing. For more than 30 years, dozens of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies have been used to realize prototyping applications. AM is now becoming increasingly widespread across industry sectors.

This e-book features some insightful commentary on the state of the additive manufacturing industry and some of the dominant trends. In addition, it also includes some compelling case studies that demonstrate the scope and range of applications for simulation in additive manufacturing.

Today’s AM technology offers some major advantages, such as geometry design freedom that allows the creation of optimized shapes according to the targeted function. Another key benefit of using 3D printing technologies is the ability to reduce the weight, cost, and complexity of parts production without sacrificing the reliability and durability of materials. AM affords the advantage of small production runs with less material waste, significant energy cost savings, and the possibility to produce functional, high performance parts that simply can’t be subtractively manufactured, cast or formed.

You can read about how engineers in Robert Bosch India are employing the Simufact Additive product from MSC Software to model the additive manufacturing (AM) metal build process and subsequent post-processing steps to help eliminate design errors before committing to AM. Similarly, there are use cases from MBFZ Toolcraft, Ampower, Safran, Samara University, and Solvay, on various facets of additive manufacturing.

The articles in this e-book also touch upon the concept of Generative Design that helps customers engineer concepts unimaginable by the human mind and how this plays a role in enhancing the potential of additive manufacturing.

As Additive Manufacturing becomes increasingly mainstream, this e-book intends to serve as a useful compendium of useful insights on the role of simulation in additive manufacturing.

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