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23 May, 2016

Mizar Additive Manufacturing, company specialised on the design and production of components by additive manufacturing, will show at Addit3d its bespoke solutions for the aerospace, health and industrial sector. The company, which capital is 100% Spanish, will present its commitment to the industrialisation of additive manufacturing. This involves exploiting the advantages that the technique has to offer for the production of models and prototypes, which has applications such as the production of the tools for fabrication or the creation of small or medium final component series. According to Mizar’s experts, its machinery allows the reduction of delivery times by 90% in comparison to the traditional techniques.

From 30th May to 4th June, Mizar’s stand at BEC will show more than a dozen example of complex geometries and bespoke components designed and produced for different sectors, especially aerospace. For example, for this sector it will show metal optimized designs or alternatives to current pieces build in polymers. For the industrial sector, the company will show tools for the manufacturing sector and industrial control. Mizar will also present its bespoke health applications, such as anatomical models, implants and instruments.

Moreover, during the BIEMH the visitors will be able to see a drone produced by additive manufacturing flying over Mizar’s stand.

“We want to be the standard bearers for the growth of additive manufacturing in Europe. We can produce bespoke complex geometries in a shortened timeframe, which is why we are committed to the industrialization of additive manufacturing”, affirms Gaizka Grajales, Mizar’s President.

Talk: “Using additive manufacturing to treat orthopedic injuries” 
Mizar will also be present on the Addit3D’s talks’ programme with a talk in collaboration with the prestigious centre for the treatment of orthopedic injuries, Arthroscopic Surgery Unit (UCA). During this event, the attendants will discover real cases where the additive manufacturing was used during corrective surgeries for the treatment of orthopedic injuries. Mizar and the UCA’s cooperation has made possible the development of bone synthetic replicas used by doctors to enhance their knowledge of the injury and be able to treat and correct it.  

About Mizar 
Mizar Additive Manufacturing is a company leader on additive manufacturing. Through a constant effort on research and development, advanced machinery and a team of qualified professionals, Mizar specializes on the bespoke design and production of components. Especially for the aerospace sector (assembly tools, trial prototype, final pieces…), health (prosthetics, bespoke implants, personalized anatomical models…), and also for the industrial sector in general.
Mizar’s headquarters are in Álava and its clients are spread throughout Spain as well as other countries such as France or Switzerland. The company belongs to Grupo Alcor, a holding with a long experience on the creation and development of leading technology enterprises.




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