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10 June, 2024Materialise, a global leader in 3D printing software and services, and ArcelorMittal Powders, a business unit of ArcelorMittal created to produce high-quality steel powders, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to create solutions that optimise laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) equipment and metal 3D printing strategies. Through the MOU, ArcelorMittal will use Materialise's next-generation processor for 3D printers.

"Our collaboration with Materialise supports our view that the key to success in additive manufacturing is finding the right combination of digital instructions and steel powders to deliver the best balance of quality and productivity in an application. Whether it's developing new applications with new alloys or testing the feasibility of new designs for existing applications using additive manufacturing with steel, Materialise offers us a formidable channel to bring build instructions directly into the heart of a 3D printer,’ said Aubin Defer, Marketing Director at ArcelorMittal Powders.

The two companies have partnered to develop solutions that integrate Materialise's next-generation build processor and ArcelorMittal Powders' AdamIQ™ range of steel powders to enhance LPBF, the most widely used additive manufacturing technology for producing metal parts. Build processors connect 3D printers with data preparation software, streamlining the additive manufacturing process from design to print. Materialise's next-generation build processor supports higher build volumes and more complex geometries than traditional build processors, so users can customise process parameters, streamline workflows and print faster. Combined with AdamIQ™ steel powders made specifically for additive manufacturing applications, these printing solutions help improve set-up and production speed, part quality, cost-effectiveness, reproducibility and repeatability.

"Our collaboration with ArcelorMittal marks an important milestone in advancing our common vision. By improving processes and solutions, we aim to expand the applications and industries that use additive manufacturing. This partnership brings us closer to a future where 3D printing reaches its full potential, enabling both mass customisation and large-scale production,’ said Udo Eberlein, Vice President of Software at Materialise.

Materialise has more than 30 years of experience in 3D printing and a proven track record in supplying build processors. ArcelorMittal Powders combines nearly 20 years of metallurgical expertise to offer steel solutions for additive manufacturing applications.




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