Asociación de fabricación aditiva
Asociación de fabricación aditiva

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15 May, 2024In 2024, MAQUINSER commemorates 37 years since its founding, consolidating its position as a leading company in the introduction and development of advanced technologies in the Iberian manufacturing sector, with a significant focus on additive manufacturing. Founded in 1987 by a group of engineers specialising in numerical control machines, MAQUINSER has played a crucial role in the technological transformation of the manufacturing industry.

For more than three decades, MAQUINSER has helped numerous companies in Spain and Portugal to become more competitive, optimising their production processes and reducing costs through innovative solutions. One area where the company has made a notable difference is in additive manufacturing, a field that allows the creation of complex parts by adding material layer by layer, which offers significant advantages over traditional manufacturing methods.

MAQUINSER not only distributes high-tech machinery, but also provides comprehensive solutions that cover the entire value chain of additive manufacturing. From initial design to final finishing and integration into the production line, the company specialises in tailoring manufacturing systems that respond to the specific needs of each project, including those involving complex materials and innovative designs.

Under the leadership of Antonio Postigo, one of the founders and current president, MAQUINSER has excelled in its ability to integrate processes that improve efficiency and productivity. This includes the automation of additive manufacturing processes, enabling companies to reduce cycle times and optimise resources, ensuring a rapid return on investment.

MAQUINSER's commitment to technical excellence and innovation is reinforced by its focus on long-term collaboration, acting not just as a supplier, but as a comprehensive technology partner. This is manifested in its dedication to providing technical and after-sales service that ensures maximum operational efficiency and customer satisfaction throughout the life of the equipment.

In celebrating its 37th anniversary, MAQUINSER reaffirms its role as a pioneer and leader in the promotion of additive manufacturing in Iberia, highlighting its ongoing contribution to the advancement and industrialisation of manufacturing in the region.




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