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24 October, 2022

Applying Flight Technology in the Farsoon high-temperature 252P series results in a powerful and versatile AM plastic solution. Since the introduction of Flight Technology and its application in the 403P system of the Farsoon medium framework at TCT Asia 2019, Farsoon has continued driving its development by implementing Flight technology in its 252P high temperature platform.

High temperature platform

The Flight 252P series offers two configurations capable of reaching processing chamber temperatures from 220°C to 280°C. Heat controls, components with temperature protection and improved parameters offer customers the capacity to process high-performance polymer materials.

Powerful, compact platform for materials development

Applying Flight Technology in the Farsoon high-temperature 252P series results in a powerful and versatile AM plastic solution. The compact size of the 252P series is very accessible for the research environment, as well as for small-scale production. With enhanced energy absorption features in the fibre laser and truly open parameters, the Flight 252P series is capable of accessing a much wider range of processable materials and offering operational flexibility in comparison with standard laser sintering systems, which means greater freedom for the future development of materials and applications.

Advanced materials development for a wide range of innovative applications

The new PA12 based FS3201PA-F powder for Flight Technology offers excellent mechanical properties, size precision and a high degree of tenacity. Our advanced Flight technology goes one step further, offering optimal details, improved durability and a high reutilisation capacity, which makes it ideal for functional prototypes and end-use parts directly on the automotive, consumer, industrial and electronic markets.

Developed for Flight Technology processing, the Farsoon FS2300PA-F polyamide powder offers excellent plasticity and greater production turnover with a significantly lower cost, which makes it an economically attractive material for fast prototype creation. Presenting good tenacity and surface quality, FS2300PA-F is an ideal material for a wide range of applications with greater profitability.




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