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13 June, 2022The represented of MAQcenter, Farsoon Technologies, expands its portfolio of 3D printing machines for the industrial production of parts with plastic or metal powders in the European market. Therefore, Farsoon has created four new models to meet the need for cheaper production of parts and, at the same time, increase the resolution of part geometries and improve part quality.

Like all Farsoon models, the new models are “open systems”, allowing customers to freely choose the materials for their 3D printing, based on the specific needs of different end uses. In addition, the user can freely adapt the process parameters to achieve maximum productivity with the best part qualities required.

Some of the advantages of these new models are described below:


It is Farsoon's fastest laser sintering system. In an area of 400 x 400 mm2, two 300 watt fiber lasers and two scanners of up to 20 m/s cooperate in the production of the plastic parts by means of the powder bed process. The system is offered with 450mm or 540mm high mobile building cylinders. Farsoon Flight™ technology (flight = fiber laser light) uses the relatively small diameter of the fiber laser to increase the resolution of features on manufactured parts.


It is Farsoon's largest laser sintering system with a high degree of automation. This system represents Farsoon's Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution (CAMS®), which enables automatic changeover of build cylinders after part manufacturing is complete. The plastic powder feed can be operated in a closed loop, using Farsoon's powder management system. HT1001P-2 systems have been successfully used in Europe since early 2019. Farsoon now introduces the Farsoon Flight-HT1001P-2 to the European market.

This means that the advantages of the Farsoon Flight ™ technology can also be used for this production machine: The scanning speed is increased significantly, the relatively small diameter of the fiber laser can increase the resolution of the features of the manufactured parts.


Part production productivity is significantly increased by using 4 lasers on a 420 x 420 mm surface. Farsoon has significantly re-optimized the software for the cooperation of the 4 lasers and scanners, especially for the overlap area. The closed powder circuit and the use of "cartridges" as construction cylinders allow a very efficient production of metal parts. This is especially popular in the automotive industry. Farsoon also satisfies the customer's request for a higher build height, which is 550mm.


In the aerospace and energy industries, especially, significantly larger building envelopes are in demand. Farsoon achieves this with the new FS621M-4, with a height of 1100 mm. The 620 x 620 mm2 build area is also important for large parts. This makes this machine one of the largest laser fusion machines available on the market. The powder handling works in a closed circuit, the powder is fed into the construction area continuously from the top without interrupting the construction work. Dust filter systems are also designed in such a way that filters can be changed (if necessary) without interrupting construction work.
With these innovations, Farsoon is significantly boosting the competitiveness of additive manufacturing: Parts can be manufactured more cost-effectively with larger, faster machines equipped with multiple lasers. These new machines have numerous elements designed to facilitate operation and achieve a higher level of automation. The quality of the parts is also better documented thanks to the supervision of the construction process.
Farsoon will present the 3D printing machines and their possible applications at the Rapid Tech 3D fair, which takes place from May 17 to 19 in Erfurt (Germany). You can visit Farsoon at booth 2-415, where they will exhibit, among others, some parts produced with these machines.




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