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Asociación de fabricación aditiva

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21 June, 2023

The main challenge in the additive manufacturing field continues to be the surface roughness of parts. Although in many cases it is not a critical factor, in others it is essential to achieve less roughness, and even significantly less roughness, to that which is obtained through the current additive manufacturing technologies.

In addition, the diversity of materials also poses a challenge. New metal powders, combinations of polymers and metals, and combinations of different metals under development, all need surface treatment professionals to continue researching and developing processes, products, chips and innovative machinery in order to achieve the desired finishes.

Aware of the rapid advancement in the world of additive manufacturing, at Hervel they have created a new division called POSTADDIT BY HERVEL, whose aim is to develop solutions to tackle challenges relating to roughness and finish on all types of materials and with all additive manufacturing technologies.

New machinery

In terms of machinery, in June 2022 at the 31st Spanish Machine Tool Biennial (31BIEMH) a new piece of equipment was presented: the AG series of line AL-650, designed in collaboration with its represented member, ALMA. This equipment is larger in dimension than the ones used in laboratories and can perform trials on large scale parts and in short series. The collaboration between HERVEL and ALMA focuses on offering comprehensive industrial solutions in 3D, adapting the power of the equipment, the work RPM and using suitable chemical products to obtain the best results.

New chemical/abrasive product

In terms of chemical and abrasive products, HERVEL uses its in-house manufacturing technology, its formulas and its two laboratories, as well as its experience working with surface finishes, to constantly develop new products. These products are designed to reduce processing times and minimise roughness. They are also eco-friendly and, according to eco-design guidelines, do not have hazard pictograms.


  1. Tpr Metalene Aditiva® Hervel.
  2. Metalene Acelerador® Hervel.


  1. Ceramol Saap ceramic knurling tolos
  2. High specific weight.
  3. Sizes 12MM-80MM.
  4. Special double bevelled geometries.


  • 60% less post-processing time
  • High qualities.
  • Speed of action.
  • Lower cost at any system.
  • With or without heat treatment.
  • Minimising waste.




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