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Asociación de fabricación aditiva

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12 June, 2024

GAIKER Technology Centre, a member of the Basque Research & Technology Alliance (BRTA), has today launched its new website, reaffirming its commitment to continuous improvement, innovation and creativity. This new portal, accessible at, has been designed to offer extended and updated information on the Centre and its R&D&I offer, aimed at both companies and administrations.

Improved Security and Navigation

GAIKER's new website has been developed with a focus on security and user-friendliness. With an SSL certificate, it ensures that users can exchange information securely, without the risk of interception or modification. Its modern and clean design has been designed to provide an intuitive and practical user experience, allowing easier and faster navigation. The website is much more visual and accessible, and is optimised to display correctly on any device and browser.

Innovative Content Structure

The structure of the new GAIKER website makes it easier to consult the latest news of the Centre, the projects carried out and the services and tests offered. Among the new sections, the following stand out:

  • Solutions for Industry: Where the R&D&I offer is presented, classified by industrial sectors.
  • Success Stories: Soon to be available, this section will show the challenges GAIKER has faced and the customised solutions it has provided, including opinions from different customers.
  • Commitment: This area explains GAIKER's commitment to society's challenges, such as the environment, gender equality, confidentiality, occupational health and safety and transparency.

Other sections include Knowledge Areas, Facilities and Equipment, International, About Us, Talent, News and Contact, providing a complete and detailed overview of the Centre's capabilities and services.

A Focus on Accessibility and Proximity

GAIKER has designed its new website with the aim of being closer and more accessible. The website provides, at all times, direct contact with the organisation's expert staff, facilitating communication and the exchange of information between GAIKER and its stakeholders.

With this new website, GAIKER not only seeks to improve the user experience, but also to reaffirm its commitment to innovation and technological development, maintaining its position as a benchmark in the field of research and technology.



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