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06 July, 2017

Since Dynamical Tools started its path two years ago, our evolution has been constant. Last year, in May, our first product was launched DT600 in Addit3D fair, an FDM 3D printer compatible with various technical materials and a great building volume, which has granted us the recognition of Idea and Aragon, Company and future awards.

This year, DynamicalTools presented great news at ADDIT3D.

A bet for continuous evolution, a strategic commercial measure, and hard work, allowed us to close among our first clients great size companies such as Mann Hummel, Exide Technologies, Valeo Termico, TI Automotive or Estampaciones Durango, which have demonstrated its satisfaction due to experiencing a great change in business development thanks to its DT600.

After testing and evolving the product in the market , Dynamical Tools started its national expansion strategy through Resellers, being Maier 3D, a company located in the province of Barcelona with huge experience in the field of 3D and international distributor for brands such as 3D Systems, the first one to bet for Dynamical Tools and its products.

Later, Solitium Group, which has among its distributions the new HP Technology, understood that Dynamical Tool’s technology complemented perfectly its portfolio to offer the industry a catalog full of solutions.

Recently, CT Solutions, also a distributor of 3D Systems, joined the family of Dynamical Tools, thus completing the national technical and commercial coverage where Dynamical Tools products are available with guarantees.

Dynamical Tools goes on its growth adding more people to its team, composed of expert professionals in 3D technology development. A Spanish start-up in full consolidation in which each member that compose it is responsible for a part of this technology’s implementation.

Thanks to incorporating commercial and technical equipment from our distributors, Dynamical Tools is focused nowadays on selecting distributors for its international expansion and new product development, such as the new 3D SLS printer which will be launched in 2018 and the new DT+, a supplement which increases the capabilities of our flagship printer, DT600, reaching unsuspected limits.

DT+ includes the automatic filament change new functionality (Endless Workflow), which allows the DT600, when one of its spools has ran out of filament, to stop the printing, change the spool automatically without needing a worker and resume the printing without supervision. In addition, it incorporates 2 independent feeders, one for each extruder, in which 2 spools up to 8Kg each can be inserted, so we could have up to 16 kg of filament per extruder charged in the machine. Thanks to it, we are able to make printed pieces of any weight, since we can replace the finished spool with a new one without stopping the printing, achieving, this way, an infinite filament supply.

Another functionality that the DT+ adds is the detection of the end of filament (Safety end), so that if there is not a pre-charged spool in the extruder, the DT600 will be able to stop the printing and wait for it to be changed or pre-charge another spool and resume the printing.

One of the main failure cause in printing is the hotend obstruction, which can cause the disposal of an unfinished printing with its corresponding waste of time and material. Thanks to the DT+, in case of detecting an obstruction (Warning Jam), the printing will be stopped, and we will be warned to carry out the needed maintenance tasks, once the obstruction has been cleared, we will be able to resume the printing of our piece.

The feeder includes heaters (Heated Feeder), which allows to keep the material in a humidity-free envioment. The temperature is independently adjustable between both feeders, making possible to have materials charged with different conservation requirements.

With our mind put into offering the best product and thinking about every client that trust in Dynamical Tools, all these improvements in their products, offer complete compatibility with the current equipments opening the opportunity for their clients to be always in the latest trends.

Not only DT+ offers news, DT600’s evolution reflects on its new printing mode, reflex mode, which using the ability to print with 2 heads at the same time allows new productive opportunities to companies.

In the same way, with its innovative Recovery System has been possible to recover printings ruined by power outage.

We are really grateful for your greetings and we would like to communicate that we will continue in the same path of success achieved until today to offer the best innovation in technology and 3D printing.




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