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07 November, 2018

The Spanish company continues its expansion plan in its portfolio and in its geographical scope, and takes advantage of Formnext 2018, the great additive manufacturing show in Frankfurt, to present three new products with which it hopes to revolutionize, once again, the international market.

 After the successes achieved in Europe, Dynamical Tools has already exhibited its products in a market as powerful as the American and they will be in Formnext 2018 with the main objective of finding international resellers that help them to cover most parts of the world. With this presentation, Dynamical Tools hopes to attract all those who seek to take the next step to get closer to Industry 4.0.

Always at the forefront and with one hundred percent investment in research and development, Dynamical Tools seeks to establish its brand above any other and presents three new products that will be on the market in 2019.

 DT60: new challenges. New properties

The flagship product of Dynamical Tools reaches its highest levels. The most powerful evolution of the famous 3D printer of FFF technology arrives. Small exterior modifications but great interior improvements that will make of the manufacturing by melted filament an unparalleled experience. A robust printer, totally focused on the industry, which proposes, among other things, a large volume of printing, two independent extruders and unique features in a printer of this technology at an almost unique price too.

 HT45: redefining the limits of the FFF

With the new HT45 appears on the market a printer capable of printing the most demanding technical materials that currently exist. A printer that will reach temperatures never seen before in FFF technology. Specially designed to print high temperature materials (PEEK, Ultem and metallic filaments), Dynamical Tools develops a printer that will answer to all those customers who have been looking for the most complex solutions for this printing technology.

 ST30: the revolution of Laser Sintering

During 2017, Dynamical Tools put announced that it was going to present a 3D printer of this technology. Well, it's a reality. The long-awaited laser sintering printer is presented in Formnext with the aim of accommodating all those for whom the FFF is not a sufficient solution. A CO2 laser printer with controlled temperatures and an inert atmosphere that will revolutionize a market that needs printers of this technology.




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