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24 October, 2023

Cramik (Hall 12.0 - Stand B119), a Spanish materials technology startup located in Valencia, will present its latest innovations in high-performance ceramic-loaded material printing at the FORMNEXT trade fair. CRAMIK is heading innovation in this field, with a patented formulation that enables to decrease development cost for new materials 7x charged with high performance ceramics, without the need of chemical treatment.

This Valencian company started as a spin-off from UCLM University, using research studies as a fundation for the creation of Laboratorio Print3d Solutions (2018, Spain). Among the different research projects the start up created good traction on VC´s, serving as a rock solid base for their new stage of the company.

 Under the new brand name CRAMIK (2022), the company is entering the high-performance additive manufacturing field with a focus on charged polymers and high-end ceramics. This remarkable development aims to revolutionize additive manufacturing materials by enabling them to withstand temperatures exceeding 1600 ºC after printing and heat treatment, utilizing FFF-based technology. The Valencian Start-up is making its first steps into the UHTC´s (Ultra High Temperature Ceramics) were operation temperature could even surpass the 2000ºC threshold.

Within CRAMIK's current portfolio of ten materials, they offer several application categories that facilitate the adoption of high-end ceramics. The four main materials divisions, namely BIO, CLAY, THERMO, and ELECTRO, lay the foundation for understanding the capabilities of their materials.

The company offers a range of application categories that enable the seamless adoption of high-end ceramics. Among these divisions, the ELECTRO category emerges as a standout, showcasing the potential for a remarkable breakthrough – the creation of 3D-printable Li-ion batteries. By harnessing the power of additive manufacturing techniques and leveraging the versatility of their formulation, CRAMIK has successfully shattered traditional manufacturing limitations, giving rise to coin/button batteries that surpassed their equivalent in casted version.

 Extensive testing conducted at renowned Technological Centers demonstrated the feasibility of CRAMIK's battery formula, revealing a promising 26% increase in energy density compared to conventional batteries. In fact, some tests have showcased performance levels up to six times higher, solidifying CRAMIK's position as a potential trailblazer in the field.

The company is now diligently working on the second generation of this remarkable development, aiming to explore the potential for larger and more intricate battery shapes that cater to industrial demands, also focusing the effort on reliability and repeatability, to enable energy storage solutions available for emergencies, dellocalized.. Stay updated on CRAMIK's exciting progress by visiting their website at

Recognizing their exceptional contributions, CRAMIK has been honored with several grants, including one specifically designed to support their new Pilot Plant development in Parque Empresarial Tactica, Paterna (Valencia, Spain). This significant expansion will not only provide CRAMIK with a six-fold increase in facility space but also enable the integration of a larger R&D Lab and a dedicated 3D Printing Lab by Q4 of 2023. Through these enhancements, CRAMIK aims to offer a closer customer experience, fostering collaboration, and facilitating the seamless validation process.

As CRAMIK continues to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing and energy solutions, their commitment to innovation and sustainable practices remains unwavering. With their groundbreaking technologies and dedication to meeting the evolving needs of industries, CRAMIK aims for a future where energy efficiency is at the forefront. Join them on their remarkable journey.




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