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22 November, 2016

Callaghan, brand of footwear of grupo Hergar, is known for its continiuous evolution always for the maximum adaptation and comfort of its products, has launched its latest technology: Personal Adaptaction, a revolutionary footwear that offers a personalized adaptation thanks to its soles are manufactured by Printing 3D.

For this technology, Callaghan uses DT600 from Dynamical Tools, manufacturer company  that manufactures 3D printers for industry. DT600 is characterized to be able to work with the most demanding technical materials, in addition to the flexible ones, which has been key to the development of these shoes that increase comfort and improve the cushioning, being customized according to the weight of each person. Its hex-shaped soles and air chamber result in a shock absorber with maximum impact absorption at the heel.

Personal Adaptaction is the beginning of Callaghan in 3D print. This technology has made it possible to streamline production and reduce costs. The manufacturing system of the footwear soles is usually by means of molds, which supposes high costs derived and it hinders the personalization. With DT600, the soles of these shoes can be printed in reduced times, according to the parameters indicated for each person. Its dual independent head makes it possible for DT600 to print two pieces at a time thanks to its Twin Mode printing mode, which allows two parts to be produced simultaneously.

For the development of this innovation footwear technology, there has been an important involvement of Dynamical Tools, testing the different materials and printing modes, achieving the desired result of cushioning and comfort, as well as the reduction of manufacturing times.

Callaghan has presented its new technology on 14 and 15 November at “Invernadero The Sibarist” in Madrid, with a showroom of the Adaptaction collection. Dynamical Tools has participated in the presentation of this new technology, giving its technical support and knowledge in 3D Printing and providing a DT600 which during the demonstrations has printed in 3D soles of Personal Adaptaction.




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