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POLIFLUOR S.L. is a company founded in 1971 devoted to the marketing and manufacture of engineering plastics products for industrial purposes. We are specialists in PTFE (TEFLON®) and its derivates (FEP, PFA, etc.) as well as in other polymers such as Nylon, Acetal Resin, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVDF, CELAZOLE®, TORLON®, PEEK, FLUOROSINT®, etc.

They offer comprehensive advice suggesting their customers about the use of one or another material depending on the working conditions of the application to achieve improved productivity, a more effective solution and/or economically more attractive.

From their activities, they point out the design and 3D parallel printing of parts in PA12, PA12GB40, PA11, PP and TPU by using the MultiJet Fusion technology. They count on automatic machinery for their post-processing to clean, smooth and dye parts in a wide range of colours, both standard and specific for each customer. Parts are perfectly functional, overcoming the limitation of being considered only as prototypes to become a real alternative to injection moulding and a cost-effective complement to machining. 

Their added-value services for 3D printed parts:

  •         Subsequent machining of the parts to improve their finishes and/or further tolerance tightening.
  •         They design their customers' parts from scratch: we can prepare a drawing following their indications to show them a solid with their proposal and even end up with a finite-element analysis optimization if the customer deems it necessary.
  •         They work with the usual formats on the market: STL, IGES, STEP or others, so we can incorporate our customers' designs at any point of this process.
  •         Their extensive experience in the field of technical engineering plastics allows us to evaluate the expected behaviour of our customers’ designs, thus avoiding failed or poorly performed prints until reaching its final design.



Asteasuko Industrialdea (G Gunea), parcelas 99-100 - 20159 Asteasu (Gipuzkoa)



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