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23 March, 2018

Covering 500 m2, these facilities will be equipped with a metal additive manufacturing machine to advance further in its specialisation in titanium parts.

Optimus 3D will soon be moving to its new facilities, located in the Technology Park of Araba, very near its current ones. These facilities will have a surface area of 500 square metres, reserving an additional space for further growth, too. In all, it has earmarked an investment of one million Euros for its purchase and adaptation, a complex task due to the special leaktightness and HVAC required for its machines, which include the new latest generation metal additive manufacturing machine from Renishaw, model AM500.

More specifically, with this new machine, Optimum 3D further commits to its specialisation in titanium parts. Especially focused on the aeronautical and health sectors, but not forgetting the other industrial sectors, because it is in these sectors where the company has based its growth in the mid-term after its consolidation in the automotive and machine-tool sectors. In this sense, it must be highlighted that, by the end of the year, the new facilities will have ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications, corresponding to the aeronautical and health sectors, respectively.




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