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22 February, 2018

AsorCAD Engineering was present at Advanced Factories and Metromeet with new proposals for industry 4.0.

AsorCAD stands out for being continually at the forefront of technological progress serving modern and competitive industry.
To publicise the proposals prepared for this year, AsorCAD took to Advanced Factories (13-15 March in Barcelona) the robotic solution of its star 3D laser scanner, the MetraSCAN 3D.

This innovation enables automation in three-dimensional scanning production processes without compromising scan speed, precision and resolution as exceptional as those we are used to finding in Creaform manual 3D scanning systems.
The stand also provided information about compatible software for reverse engineering, metrology and dynamic control and tracking of movements of the scanner, Creaform VxTrack, thus complementing the most competitive robotic 3D scanning system of current industry 4.0.

For its part, at the 14th International Conference on Industrial Dimensional Metrology (Metromeet 2018), AsorCAD Engineering presented and accompanied its Creaform representative, Mr Mathias Mueller, in the presentation on “Flexible and automated online and offline dimensional inspection solutions”.

All automotive companies need to check the quality of their products and are introducing automation of this process with dynamic optic systems to lower costs resulting from non-conformity.

The differential advantages of applying Creaform technology to inspect geometrical elements, free forms and reflective surfaces are portability and the dynamic reference function that MetraSCAN 3D permits. The 3D scanning process is simple and reliable anywhere in the production plant. By using the 3D scanner along with the tactile probe, geometrical elements and free forms can be measured with high precision, combining scanning and probing.




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