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The Gipuzkoa 4.0 advanced manufacturing network presentation


The IMH, network participant, helps SMEs take the technological leap to Industry 4.0 in the field of Additive Manufacturing.

Today, the Regional Council of Guipuzcoa has presented the Gipuzkoa 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing Network in Azkoitia, A pioneer collaborative programme in the Basque Country whose aim is to help SMEs take the technological leap to Industry 4.0. Around 400 companies could benefit from this novel initiative, in which different companies and leading technological centres will show the rest of the industrial fabric the potential and applications of Industry 4.0.

As a first initiative of this network, leading companies and the most cutting-edge technological centres of the territory will share their achievements, showing their advanced technology to the SMEs of Guipuzcoa. By means of guided tours to the facilities, introductory and practical training, as well as customised activities at the companies later on – oriented training, diagnosis, specific advice, tests or prototypes – the aim is to provide companies with a better knowledge of the concepts and experiences of advanced manufacturing.

This is a pioneer initiative in Europe, with one similar occurrence that exists in Germany, the Plattform Industrie 4.0.

Gipuzkoa 4.0 Network cases

Autonomous manufacturing unit


Goimek 4.0. Monitoring and connection of all machines and equipment

Goimek (Danobat Group)

Cybersafe Factory

ITS (Egile Group)

Laser technology

IK4-Lortek / IK4-Tekniker

Flexible robots and Visual computing

Tecnalia / IK4-Vicomtech

Additive manufacturing


Data Analytics